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“I survived the road to Hana”

You just have to say, “Hana” and many world travelers will add, “Maui!?  How long does that drive take?”


Nearly three hours, according the search engine’s reply to “lahaina to hana distance.”

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SOCIAL MEDIA IS MAKING US SMARTER; Revenge really IS sweet The News Cocktail / Roadlovers


by RoadLovers International


Don’t turn up your nose at strangers wrapped up in their phone screens.  Social Media is making us smarter.  Studies have found that because others see more of our thoughts and writings, people are attempting to also improve their social media image by writing more intelligently. Another plus is that grey matter in our brains is increasing.  It seems there is a correlation on the amount of grey matter in three parts of the brain with how wide a person’s online network is.

That’s not to say there aren’t negative effects.  Ten years ago the average attention span was 12 minutes. In just a decade it’s been reduced to five seconds.  At the least, our limited attention spans have caused us to be more forgetful — nearly one in 10 people have admitted to forgetting their own birthdays — as well as being less productive. And these effects may become difficult to reverse, as studies have shown that visiting and using social media sites triggers the release of certain hormones in the body, such as adrenaline, which is addictive.  Okay – so you’re a smart addict!



Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.47.39 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.47.49 PM

— The Average price of a Super Bow ad is $5,000,000 per 30 seconds.  But advertisers get a lot for their dollar. Recent Super Bowls have been watched by between 110 and 115 million people each year. That means that at a cost of $5 million, a 30 second Super Bowl commercial costs between 4 and 5 cents per viewer.

— Any time you’re in an ocean you’re within 120 yards (110 meters)  of a shark.

–Gap in lifespan between wealthy and poor people in the US is 14 years.


The conclusion is controversial but facts speak:  when someone does harm to you revenge, not karma, is sweet.  Researchers at the University of Kentucky had participants write something about a personal experience.  Disguised researchers give the authors good or bad feedback and measured the participants’ moods. Their aggression was released by sticking pins in a virtual voodoo doll while imaging it was the person who negatively critiqued their essay.  Not only did the mood improve of those who stuck the voodoo doll with pins, but there was a point where their mood was indistinguishable from the other group of subjects who received nice feedback. Revenge, at lease for moment, clearly felt damn good.

A visit to Frida Kahlo’s workshop

A lesson in art and strength; agony and willpower.   Her pain was her muse.

I took a taxi to get to the Museum.  We got there at 11:30 a.m.

We got in at 12:30.  It was beautifully organized.  The line went around the block in two directions.  It was 30% tourists.  The majority were locals.    It was enjoyable.  We talked to people in line.  We were next to a couple from Texas.  The guides were good-natured.

I paid for permission to take photos.   Nobody was stern.  It was a lovely experience.

There’s a coffee shop on the premises.







You can travel by using your computer….

If you are reading this blog post, then you probably ,speak English well enough to help a non-native speaker .. Here is a typical request that I get because I have an email address of and because my Youtube Channel is called

In other words, I’m inundated with requests.

I need help.   If you would lie to travel and learn about other cultures, why not become a Conversation Assistant for a language school or independently just via SKYPE?

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.11.15 AM

You can get a request and contact the person who sent the request.

You can copy some lessons from

and the pronunciation dialog site called  

Go ahead, you will help a person and you will learn perhaps a few phrases in the other person’s language.   Send some videos from Youtube about your town and find out where the student lives… look up some youtube videos in that person’s town.

This suggestion comes from Steve McCrea, a teacher of English in Fort Lauderdale.

you can learn more by looking at his youtube channels

Trilingual in English, Cuban and (Now) Dog

i have never read a better reason for giving human status to dogs and cats. They have emotions, just as we do. Human rights for these animals…

Here is Havana

Dependent, smelly, costly and often filthy (all that butt sniffing/rolling around in dead things?!), flea-bitten, tick-ridden, and prone to humping whatever they can get their legs around – can you tell I’m not a dog person? They’re such a burden, nothing like their haughty, independent feline counterparts who you can leave with a bowl of kibble for days while you go off the grid and they’ll ration it, killing birds or rodents once it runs out. So no, I’m not too keen on dogs, but now I’m in deep – over my head deep. More proof that the universe is conspiring against me…

Two days before my 45th birthday, a stray dog wandered into Cuba Libro. Like I needed something breathing-eating-shitting extra to stress about. Within a day, the kids who work with me named him Toby. It was all over, I knew. I’m sure there are parents out…

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“Hit the Road,” suggests psychologists, to find that “AHA” moment

The March April 2015 issue of Psychology Today has the following

recommendation on page 54:


A workshop in Bussana Vecchia, Italy


Outside a dress store in Oia, Santorini, Greece


Seaside restaurant in Mykonos, Greece


A residential street in the Haute Ville of Vaison-la-Romaine, east of the Rhone River and Avignon, France

“Certain forms of travel are set up to encourage mindshifts…

Travel disorients us and thus breaks us out of any mental rut

we may have been stuck in, ” says Eric Winer, whose book, The Geography of Genius,

explores the intersection of travel and creative leaps.  

When we travel, we are more receptive to novel ideas, new associations …

and we can “rewrite our noodles, and effectively become different people.”   

(quoted from the article by author Bruce Grierson)

Wilton Manors, Florida, has a Gluten-Free Heaven

Discover gourmet gluten-free meals and charming wine garden in Wilton Manors 

Located east of Five Points (east of the railroad tracks) 

down the street from Wilton Station Condos.

2430 NE 13th Avenue   (954) 880-4444

It’s on 13th avenue south of 26th Street.

The bistro was started by Cristina Spinelli in February 2014.  She had

been showing her gluten-free concoctions to friends and neighbors and

selling them at farmer’s markets… and then she took the plunge.

Next to Seed of Life Bistro is the Chateau D’Vine, a wine bar with a

Eurostyle al fresco ambience.  Beer and tapas, too.   The Chateau is

governed by Danielle Perry.

Chateau D'Vine's intimate space

Chateau D’Vine’s intimate space

The courtyard shared by the dozen cafes and stores

The courtyard shared by the dozen cafes and stores

Seed of Life's mini stuffed peppers

Seed of Life’s mini stuffed peppers

The order counter at Seed of Life

The order counter at Seed of Life

Save paper!  The menu is on an iPad.

Save paper! The menu is on an iPad.

Both places will take you back to the charming tuck-away cafes

in European villages.   Beautiful setting in a former nursery with a

colorful painted driveway with splashes of colors.    So tasty and

charming  you will savor the food, drink and surroundings.  

Free parking.  A good diversion from the hubbub down the street

on Wilton Manors Drive.

FACEBOOK  mychateaud

Instagram   @dani_d_vine   (561) 584-0179

How to spend a day on an Out Island in the Bahamas

By Francine Mason

A pool-side view of the ship

A pool-side view of the ship

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 4.17.25 PM

The author (center) learned how to fold a “Bird of Paradise” with a napkin .. while the ship was moving.

Located just 50 miles off the coast of South Florida is the

Bahamas Out Island of Bimini (on my bucket list).

This was my first (but not last) trip to Bimini, sailing from Port

Everglades on Resorts World Super Fast Bimini on Tuesday,


Arriving at 7:30am, I park in the Mid Port garage and follow

the signs to Port Everglades Terminal 21. Remember to bring

your passport, since you are leaving the USA. It is a simple

embarkation process with no lines.

Once on board the big red boat, it takes a little time to explore

the four decks and find your favorite nook. Order a Starbucks at the

casino bar, enjoy a breakfast buffet or try your luck in the Casino on Deck 7.

Everyday stress fades away as you select one of the many

wooden deck chairs to sit and breathe in the fresh sea air and

just decompress. The live band entertains on Deck 10 for the sail

away party. The napkin folding class was fun and fruit carving

demonstrations were offered by smiling staff. 

We depart at 9am and arrive in North Bimini at noon. The stunning

turquoise water approach is quite inviting. Bimini is only seven miles

long and 700 feet wide.

If you want to go to the beach or head into town, the free tram

picks you up right by the ship, and takes you to the

beach first – where you can paddle board or snorkel or get a

lounge chair with towel and just chill. On the way to the beach,

you pass pastel yellow, blue, green and orange villas and the new

casino. The infinity pool area with the Aqua Bar and Grille is a

particularly lovely spot to relax. 

You can spend $40 and rent a golf cart for the day to tour the island.

Driving the cart to Alice Town at the southernmost end of the island,

the local Bahamians are friendly as we stop at Big Johns for cracked

conch and an icy Kalik Bahamian beer. You have to be back to the ship

before 5:45pm or you can overnight in BiminScreen Shot 2014-11-02 at 4.17.35 PMi. 

Sunny weather and light breezes

were perfect for smooth cruising.

Sailing back to Fort Lauderdale,

we hang out on Deck 10 to watch the

sunset and moonrise. Dinner ($25) is

served on board the ship. Entertainment

features bingo and music trivia games.

The Quiet Zone on Deck 8 aft is comfy for reading a book. By 9 pm you are

ready to disembark back in the USA with a new refreshed attitude. 

The crew is very hospitable. Next time, I might splurge and reserve

a cabin so I can store stuff, shower and nap after a full day in the sun.  

Get your passport ready and enjoy the adventure. It’s a great value to go to

another country and back in one day. Call 888-930-8688 to see what

promotions are available to book your Super Fast Bimini cruise.

Between Waimea Bay and Haleiwa… you can find turtles

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.41.56 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.34.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.34.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.35.08 PM


Sit in Comiskey Park… in Sarasota, Florida

Go to Patrick’s bar on Main Street (near the Whole Foods store in Sarasota). Outside is a pair of seats from Comiskey Park. Imagine… you are walking on the Restaurant Row in Sarasota, Florida, and BOOM, look what’s there! a piece of baseball history. What legends, what remarkable hits have been seen by people seated at Seats number 98 and 99?

Seats from Comiskey Park...found in Sarasota, Florida

Seats from Comiskey Park…found in Sarasota, Florida