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Cultural ambassadors wanted to reduce tensions in the Caribbean…

June 6, 2013

Here’s a link to Sandy Goodman’s column about “Cuba and State Terrorism”

Now, look at one of these photos… 

How about this link



a cultural ambassador took this photo in Old Havana


What could a cultural ambassador do in this place?


U.S. law prevents most U.S. citizens from walking up to that guy in the yellow shirt and asking him, “Where is a good place to get a sandwich around here?”


I’d like to walk up to this fellow and say, “que dia maravilloso.” That might reduce the threat of terrorism a little.

Are these potential moments for a Cultural Ambassador to set the scene?  A tourist who becomes a cultural ambassador can interact with the people in these photos.Let’s invite U


I applaud the awareness that Mr. Goodman shares…   the current visits to cuba through “people to people” visits organized by tours that cost $2200 or more for a week are a shame… piling people into buses and running them past “educational” interactions.   How much better it is to allow ordinary tourism as was allowed by going to Russia in the 1970s.  I was a tourist in 1975 in Moscow and I traded pens for Lenin pins.  Those kids gained a lot from the audio cassettes (with rock music) that I traded for caviar.  Let the interactions happen.  Let each U.S. tourist become a cultural ambassador.  I hope Congress will end the embargo soon and let tourists become the agents of cultural change.



Well, we will see the streets open again on Obispo (and I hope you will choose to walk on Brazil street, too).  Please remember this moment and reach out to someone on the street when you are in Old Havana.  “Me gusta mucho esta ciudad.”  Practice your smile.  You are a cultural ambassador.







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