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The “Open-Face” Sandwich: a tradition for the light supper

May 12, 2013

“Eat like a king for breakfast and like a pauper for dinner.”

Well, here’s how to eat a light supper and still get great taste and memories.

You can see Parts 1 and 2 of the preparation on Youtube

Part 1:

Part 2:


The aluminum (aluminium) foil protects the edges of the gluten-free
bread from toasting too quickly. The technique is clever: since the
center of the bread takes more heat to toast properly, JK protects
the edges for the first two minutes of toasting time. Then for the last
minute, she removes the aluminium protectors and gets an
evenly-toasted result.

From the kitchen of JK McCrea comes this delightful presentation.


This photo documents the sum of the husband’s contribution to
this meal: spinning the salad clean and dry. … and the sliced
tomatoes. The empty avocado shell is a hint about the secret
ingredient that one of my open sandwiches will contain.
The cup shows the remnant of a late afternoon cup of herbal tea
that JK prepared for me.


How about this for a good use for leftover chicken? Drop a slice on
top of the liverwurst. This photo was taken with a Panasonic Lumix
and I have to admit: A good lens makes the difference in a photo.
What sharp definition and depth of field. I hope you take time to
appreciate the “texture” and added dimension of this photo. I can
almost feel the contours of the lettuce up to the moment my fingertips
touch the screen of the computer.


JK’s cretion is on the right (hiding under the top layer of lettuce)
and my serving is on the left, moments before the feast began.
I’m not sure what’s in the iced drink but JK looked happy later
in the evening. The leopard design is the bedsheet.
Our comfortable adjustable bed makes for a delightful place
to sup — more comfy than any Roman emperor’s dining lounge.











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