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Canyons in western U.S.A. are called “bizarre” and “quiet”: Bryce Canyon National Park

May 10, 2013

Bryce Canyon National Park

This place is fantastic.  I’m at Bryce Canyon National Park.  

You have to admire the way this country did the national parks.  

It may not look much different from the surrounding land but as soon as

you pass the entrance gate there is an atmosphere.  I got the same

feeling at Yellowstone.  Big.  Quiet.  There is a reverence in the air.

In yellowstone the only noticeable difference was that the grass was higher

than it was outside the boundary but that or whatever was enough

to give a different feel of the spaces.  And what the park system

built to go with what nature built here they made it big and solid.  

Heavy timbers.  Big stones.  Space.  Nothing crowded in.  

Same as those massive sidewalks and signs around

Old Faithful.  Minimalist but heavy.  Classical.  

A place for profundity.  There’s a slow idyllic effect to the whole scene.  

Somehow I got the same sensation of lazy tingling peace

I had in Yellowstone.  Relaxed.  Even the air, the birds,

everything is in a quiet idyll.  A noble coma over the land.  

People must have felt like this when threy went to pray in the old cathedrals.  



Bryce Canyon National Park


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