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LAX Virgin Lounge cheaper than a layover hotel and stacked with amenities

March 25, 2013

The view looks across the runways to a golf course.

We were in transit from New Zealand with  jet lag and a Los Angeles airport layover seven hours. We didn’t want the hassle of a quick overnight hotel but weren’t looking forward to an even more wearing airport wait.

Then we found the perfect affordable, comfortable solution. It was 3 p.m., our red-eye to Florida was scheduled for 10:15 pm. Sitting in an airport boarding chair was a way to prolong our discomfort.  Virgin America came up with a solution cheaper than a hotel and loaded with food, drinks, comfort and wifi.  Glorious!

For only $40 a person for the day,  we enjoyed a beautiful lounge with sofas, “open bar, ” and quality free food. Loaded up with a selection of coffees, sushi, cheese and fruit, plus various other choices we settled into a huge sofa with wifi and books.

The coffee bar lends you a free pair of binoculars.  Wow!  Nearly a foot long (huge) with excellent vision of the golf course across the runway as well as details of departing air flights.


The online Red network includes movies from the Internet (plus an outlet for 120 volts for laptops). Featured on the flight: the “H-plus” series…

If you haven’t flown on Virgin America, be prepared for the subdued disco club theme , a perfect for a calming flight night or day.  No bright lights:  the purple glow made the transition to sleep easier.  Add to that the selection of TV and movies plus comfortable seats and settle in.

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