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We think we know what the sign maker was trying to communicate…

December 7, 2012

It’s had to get in the mind of some sign makers …  


Grass is napping… ssshhhhh!

Should we avoid careless drowning?  Should we plan ahead and make sure that we have arranged more details to have a successful result?


It might be hard to read the “grass is napping” sign.


Thanks to Elliot and Ellen Gabriel for the use of these photos, taken in China.  Their trip included these cities (worth a visit to wikipedia to learn more about their location in the western provinces):


Jiuzhaigou National Park





Please plan ahead before jumping in (Baisha).

They also visited the terra cotta figures in Xian.

They also spent time in 

Here’s a short account:   “It was a great time—10 plane rides, 4 homestays, and we saw no Westerners until we hit Beijing (2 days) near the end of the trip. Lots of language problems since it was either a small family inn or home stay, and sometimes when we found no rescuer, we had to give someone our friend’s cell phone in Nanjing, to make ourselves understood. Most tourists away from the eastern seaboard are Chinese, and do not speak English.”


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