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Pilar, the boat owned by Ernest Hemingway, is at Finca Vigia, 12 km southeast of Havana, Cuba

November 25, 2012


Why not learn more about the boat by going to this website

Some of the clearest photos of Finca Vigia are at this blog.  

19 photos with an additional 5 photos from Cojimar

Hemingway’s House in Finca Vigia

Here are some links to videos that I posted recently about a visit to the Old Man’s house:

Some of the clearest photos of Finca Vigia are at this blog.  

What does Vigia mean?

Diaz, who is digitalizing more than 3,000 pages of unpublished correspondence, is the curator at Hemingway’s former home Finca Vigia, which Havana has turned into a museum.

Hemingway letters shed new light by AFP / AFP Global Edition

Most of the papers have never been published and will give new insight into the 21 years Hemingway spent at Finca Vigia in San Francisco de Paula where he wrote some of his greatest works, said Ada Rosa Alfonso Rosales, director of Museo Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway archives opened by Caribbean Update

Hemingway’s Finca Vigia estate in Cuba, success of the project is a sign that better relations with Cuba are coming.

The old man and his papers; Cuba agrees to share Hemingway papers by Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA) 

You can see a tour of the home on Today Show (from 2011) at


Here’s a link to a video tour that was on NBC’s Today Show in 2011.


See the videos  ImageImageImage

ImagetImage Image     Image


Pilar, the boat used by Ernest Hemingway    << VIDEO << ImageSee Image<<Image  <<<


When you visit the Hemingway House (Finca Vigia), get a guarapo (sugar cane juice).


…. How about this library?


  …. I would really like to read those journals… 


... The south side of the house


This is what the main part of the house looks like.


Here are some additional videos

Guarapo (sugar cane juice) VIDEO


VIDEO:  This tour was posted in April 2012



Video: Tour of Hemingway Finca Vigia with an approach APRIL 2011 video



For tours, contact and get a contact with a local who can give you a low-cost guide and rented car.

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