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The oldest paper store in Europe?

September 24, 2012


This is the oldest shop of “things covered in paper” (such as boxes), founded in 1890.

Bookbinders have been around since there was papyruys…  In 1890 someone decided to sell papers separately and cover objects, making boxes and other objects covered with handmade paper.   Hmmmm….  This is the grandmother of the other paper stores… according to the fellow we talked with.  A former middle school teacher and now a juggler, Andrea Andreate showed us the detailed work that he is learning.


“Making a book is a start…” Andrea told us.  “You start with two pieces of cardboard and then a narrow strip of cardboard between them.  You need the right amount of space between each piece and then you use paper to hold them in place.  Then you cover these joined cardboard pieces with the handmade paper.  It is not easy.”



Don’t touch the papers!










To write to the store owner:

Building number 2511

The store is closed Tuesday and Weds. because the owner has a store in Padova (opened on those days).




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