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The International Space Station is overhead (somewhere) — Find out when

August 11, 2012

When will the ISS pass over Fort Lauderdale?

A convenient website offers to calculate when the International Space Station will pass over or near your home.  The steps are as follows:

a)  enter your geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude or just click on the map)

b)  click “VISIBLE” (the program also calculates when the space station is overhead during daylight hours)

and then you’ll get a list like the screen shot in this post.

The website is

The trick is in finding the overhead pass that is closest to the mid-heaven.  In the example on this screen shot, August 29 gives a chance to see the ISS almost overhead (75 degrees up from the horizon).  One of the worst viewing opportunities is Aug 28 when the highest point is only 16 degrees above the horizon.

Why not find out when the next time the ISS will be above you?


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