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A visit to Obispo Street in the Caribbean

July 20, 2012

Where can you see “both worlds”?  On Obispo Street, found in the capital of the longest island in the Caribbean.  The street is legendary for encounters with memories of Ernest Hemingway.   Look for the famous “Little Florida” (Floridita) bar with a statue.


At the Ambos Mundos hotel, you can see “both worlds” — the moon and the sun are present in the hotel’s decor.   Why not spend ten minutes slowly studying the photos in the hotel’s lobby?


The Floridita bar (little Florida)


The afternoon sun lights up the balconies on Obispo street (which runs east to west)


The late afternoon crowds fill the street.


Here’s another hotel (courtyard) across the street and down the block from Ambos Mundos…


The afternoon light makes the stone shine …

For more information, go to the listing on Wikipedia for Ambos Mundos.

Photos by Mario Llorente Leyva

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